1.5 Million Verdict for Motorcycle Accident in Cobb County with $5,000 in Medical Bills.  On June 5, 2003, our client was driving a Harley Davidson motorcycle when a vehicle pulled out in front of him, causing a severe motorcycle accident.  Our client went to Grady Hospital where he was diagnosed with a fractured hip. The attending physician testified that our client would require $150,000 of future medical care and would never be able to perform athletically as he did prior the wreck. Additionally, he was a construction worker and was unable to return to work for almost one year. Despite our client incurring less than $5,000 of medical bills prior the court date, he was awarded $1,500,000.

Georgia Motorcycle Lawyers on your Side

When catastrophe strikes, you need a lawyer who will fight to bring you and your family justice. Insurance companies and large corporations know that we do not back down when our client’s case is at stake. Our track record helps you obtain justice when you need it most

The Result We Achieve

The Georgia trial lawyers at Werner & Associates are proud of the difference we have made in the lives of our clients.  We have obtained millions in jury verdicts and settlements for victims of motorcycle accidents in Georgia.  Our jury verdicts have set numerous records through the state of Georgia.  However, we are most proud of our ability to help clients overcome a life changing event, obtain justice for themselves or a loved one, and get back to living their lives as fully as possible.

Partin v. Johnson, CAFN: 04-A-4535, Cobb County