Trust us to serve as your local counsel in Georgia.  The Georgia Trial Lawyers at Werner Wetherington are recognized throughout the state of Georgia as leaders in high-stakes litigation.  Our attorneys have served as counsel on multi-million dollar cases involving significant injuries, nationwide class actions, and state and nationwide multi-district litigation (MDL).  Our Georgia trial attorneys routinely practice in the Northern District and have cases pending in virtually every area of Georgia.  We understand the significance of venue selection in Georgia.  Even when you have a clear state court venue, we can help decide whether to file in State or Superior court.


As your Local Counsel, We Give you Knowledge of your Judge’s Individual Practices and Preferences

As your local counsel in Georgia, we act as your guide in navigating both written and unwritten rules that your judge expects attorneys to follow.  Many of Georgia’s judges on the state and federal level issue Standing Orders that dictate individual preferences.  We are familiar with many of these Orders and can help you be prepared from day one.  Even when a particular judge does not have a Standing Order, we often know whether your judge wants courtesy copies, prefers briefs printed on two-sides, allows his or her law clerks to talk to attorneys, pre-admits exhibits at trial, is likely to grant summary judgment, is likely to sever damages from the liability phase of the trial, allows the attorneys to conduct voir dire, and more.  When lawyers complain that they were “hometowned,” those cases often result from a failure to understand local matters and/or individual judge preferences when planning and litigating the case.


Capable of Playing Whatever Role You Need as Local Counsel

It can be frustrating for everyone involved when local counsel seeks to “take over” a case.  It can be equally frustrating when local counsel depends on you for everything.  Finding the right balance is important to us and we are able to play whatever role you need.  We work to fully understand your case, your clients, and the role you seek in hiring local counsel at the beginning.  However, we also understand that things can change unexpectedly, which favors retaining local counsel who can do anything that might be required.  This is exactly what you get when you recruit Werner Wetherington as your Georgia local counsel.  Whether you need help in a complex personal injury or products liability claim, class action, or MDL, we are ready for the task and have the resources to fully contribute to our mutual success.


Local Counsel with Excellent Facilities and Resources

As your local counsel in Georgia, we can host in person depositions, video depositions, and/or phone depositions with are “SMART” conference room.  While you’re in town, we recommend places to stay for out-of-town counsel, clients, witnesses, etc.  When appropriate, you can set up your war room, local photocopying services, local jury consultants, local graphics experts, etc. in our offices in the event your case goes to trial.


Local Counsel with Knowledge of the Local Rules

Although you are responsible for reviewing the Local Rules of the court you seek pro hac vice admission to, we can give you an unprecedented level of familiarity with the rules. For example, as local counsel we are often able to tell you page limits for briefs, whether you must file motions separately from briefs, when you’ll need to meet and confer with opposing counsel before filing motions, what the process is for filing documents under seal, etc.

Knowledge of the Court’s Electronic Filing System

Simply stated, it’s embarrassing to have your filing rejected for non-compliance with the Court’s electronic filing rules.  Even worse is to receive a call from the Judge’s staff.  As your local counsel in Georgia, we are able to advise you on proper filing or handle the firing for you without any issues.


Well Respected By the Community and the Bar

As your local counsel in Georgia, we are extremely active in both the legal community and the general community.  The attorneys at Werner Wetherington routinely speak throughout the state of Georgia on issues of trial preparation, case development, and trial hurdles.  We also write extensively for seminars, magazines, and legal guides on the same issues.


Resources for Referring Counsel:

Local Rules for the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia

Standing Orders for the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia

Official Code of Georgia (OCGA)

Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct

Constitution of the State of Georgia

Georgia Legislation Tracker