"We help victims and their families win big civil cases. Our clients trust us after a catastrophic injury, death, or financial fraud. They have obtained record breaking verdicts and settlements by working with us. We handle most cases on a contingency fee. That means we are only paid after we win your case."

Wrongful Death

Unlike a normal negligence claim, a wrongful death claim implicates probate law, estate law, and many other legal issues. In …

Trucking Wrecks

When 18-wheelers and smaller cars collide, the result is often tragic. Often, the driver of the tractor-trailer can walk away …

Tire Failures

Tire failures come in many forms, from simple flat tires to catastrophic tread-separation events. Regardless of the severity of the …

Medical Malpractice

Healthcare providers have both a professional and legal obligation to perform their duties with competence and diligence.

Local Counsel

We are recognized throughout the state of Georgia as leaders in high-stakes litigation. Our attorneys have served as local counsel …

Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury is one of the most devastating, and sadly, under-diagnosed categories of personal injury in the United …

Firm Leadership

The Werner Wetherington Law Firm has the talent and resources to win any case — anywhere in the country. Our attorneys are leaders of the legal community. We have earned every award from Rising Star to Legal Elite to Super Lawyer. In 2015, Michael Werner and Matt Wetherington were inducted into the Verdicts Hall of Fame. We have also given back to our communities at every opportunity. We have founded charitable organizations and serve on the boards of several excellent causes. Click any attorney to learn more.

Michael L. Werner

Michael L. Werner graduated from the University of Georgia. He then attended and graduated from Emory School of Medicine where he specialized in anesthesiology. Practicing medicine, he witnessed first-hand how automobile wrecks destroy peoples’ lives and dreams. It was this experience that drove him to become a trial attorney and fight for the rights of injured victims. Werner’s goal was to help those whose lives’ have been torn apart through no fault of their own and help clients rebuild and bring back dignity all while ensuring that justice prevails.

Matthew Wetherington

In the courtroom, Matt takes on powerful defendants and wins. He fights for victims of defective products, reckless drivers, and corporate fraud. His clients have won verdicts and settlements totaling over $80 million through Matt’s work ethic, creativity, and enthusiasm. In 2014, Matt was one of the youngest attorneys ever selected by the Daily Report as “On the Rise,” an annual list of forty attorneys who have made a difference and will continue to do so in the future. Out of the courtroom, Matt helps his clients put their lives back together. He also works to empower others to make informed decisions about their health, safety, and financial well-being.

Nola D. Jackson

Nola D. Jackson is a tireless and successful advocate. Her legal successes have led to precedent-setting court decisions involving millions of dollars. Nola grew up in the Midwest as a farm girl. Her father was Navy veteran and her mother a nurse. Growing up on a farm, Nola learned early on the value of hard work, discipline, and education which is why she is at her best when faced with complex legal issues.

About Us

Werner Wetherington represents victims of catastrophic injuries and financial exploitation. Our clients have obtained record-breaking jury verdicts, court judgments, and settlements. We accept cases from clients and referring attorneys anywhere in the country. More
We strongly believe in an individual’s right to a civil juror trial. We are ready to take any case to trial. This means that we will not take shortcuts and will give your case our complete attention. Most cases will not go to trial. However, we set a tone from the beginning that will earn the attention and respect of the insurance companies and corporations who have seriously injured, killed, or financially harmed you or a family member. More
We often do not appreciate our physical and financial well being until they are taken away. When a person or corporation refuses to accept responsibility, a bad situation becomes worse. Even when fault is admitted, powerful corporations and insurance companies often use their superior financial and legal position to take advantage of victims. That is where we come in. Our firm has the resources and ability to win any case against any wrongdoer anywhere in the country. More
We are proud of the difference we have made in the lives of our clients. Our jury verdicts have set numerous records through the state of Georgia. However, we are most proud of our ability to help clients overcome a life changing event, obtain justice for themselves or a loved one, and get back to living their lives as fully as possible. More
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