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$51.7 million
Amputation Case
Largest Amputation Settlement in the State of Georgia, if not the Country. Plaintiff was fixing a broken down vehicle on the side of the road when a commercial vehicle driver who had been driving over hours and ignoring the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations veered out of the right lane, entered the shoulder striking our client.
$21 million
Tractor Trailer T-boned our client at an intersection who suffered multiple orthopedic and internal injuries. During litigation, client underwent multiple surgeries to treat his internal injuries and ultimately ended up with a colostomy. Tractor Trailer driver and company admitted fault, but disputed damages. We proved our case by using Plaintiff’s treating general surgeon as our expert.
$21 million
Leg Amputation
A truck ran a red light hitting our client. At the scene, the truck driver blamed our client for running the light. We quickly proved he was lying after filing suit and litigating. Once we proved the Defendant was at fault for causing the wreck, Defense claimed the traffic light was malfunctioning. Ultimately, we won the case.
$15 million
Orthopedic Injuries
Tractor Trailer driving on GA 316 turned left in front of our client who was going straight. Our client suffered multiple orthopedic injuries, including a broken leg and two broken ankles. She also required multiple surgeries in the past and future. We received a verdict of just over $15 million.
$11 million
Trucking Wreck
Our client was attempting to turn left when a tractor-trailer struck him. The Truck company and driver said that our client ran a red light and that they had the right-of-way. The question was who had the right of way at the intersection, the truck going straight or our client turning left? The jury agreed with us, the truck driver ran the red light.
$13 million
Wrongful death
Husband and wife were driving on the interstate when they were slammed from behind by another vehicle trying to pass. Fortunately, the husband was uninjured, but his wife went to the hospital with serious injuries and later died.
$8.6 million
Motorcycle Accident
Our Client was riding a motorcycle when an emergency vehicle pulled out in front of him failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. Defense claimed that our Client was speeding. The top offer before trial was $2,000,000 and we were told in this venue, it would be impossible to receive a verdict higher than that offer. We won an $8,600,000 verdict.
$7 million
Our clients’ vehicle ran out of gas. Clients pulled (partially) off the road and turned on their hazards, but a tractor trailer failed to see the broken down vehicle and slammed into it.
$5.6 million
Woman was driving in rural Georgia on a two lane highway when an approaching tractor trailer lost control of his truck and went off the road to his right. He then re-corrected and slammed into our client who suffered from an acetabular fracture.

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We understand what you’re feeling right now, and we’ve helped countless others who were in your situation. We’re dedicated to helping you get the justice you deserve, and to get back to living your life. When a person or corporation refuses to accept responsibility, a bad situation becomes worse. Even when fault is admitted, powerful corporations and insurance companies often use their superior financial and legal position to take advantage of victims. That’s  where we come in. Werner has the resources and the track record to win any case against any wrongdoer anywhere in the country. We’re here to help you and win for you. Please take the first step right now and call us for a FREE consultation.

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