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Casey J. Brown

Casey has always been focused on helping those who need help the most. After becoming an Eagle Scout, Casey attended the University of Georgia, then Georgia State College of Law, where he assisted Georgia families with obtaining basic educational and medical care for their children.

After law school, Casey worked for one of the premier defense firms in Georgia, where he assisted some of the largest insurance companies and corporations in America in fighting tooth and nail to limit the recovery of those injured by truck drivers, defective products, and poorly kept stores. Casey became so adept at defending insurance companies and corporations that his peers selected him as one of the best young lawyers in Georgia. Casey continued to serve the community and was recognized as the firm’s leader in pro bono, volunteer work, and community fundraising.

Casey brought the tenacity that won him accolades as a defense lawyer to Werner Law because he recognized the disconnect between his professional career as a defense attorney and the help he was providing for his community. Now, Casey brings his years of knowledge and drive to help people in his community both professionally and personally. His passion for helping people is evident in his client interactions. He enjoys getting to know his clients and the myriad ways that their physical injuries affect every facet of their lives. Casey’s ability to create a personal connection with his clients puts them at ease during a stressful time because they know he is determined to secure the justice they need and deserve.

When Casey is not helping his clients, you can find him hiking with his two dogs, cheering on the Dawgs at home, or wandering through local festivals on the weekend.

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Casey J. Brown